Photo: Social Media

Taliban torture video of former soldier sparks widespread condemnations

A video footage allegedly showing a former member of the Afghan security forces being suffocated with plastic bags by Taliban members has sparked widespread condemnations on social media, including from the anti Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF).

In the video, a man is seen sitting in distress as another person covers his head and face with plastic bags and then ties them around his neck.

Sibghatullah Ahmadi, a spokesperson for the NRF, said:

“We demand that the United Nations, the international community, and human rights organizations take a clear stance against the heinous and barbaric acts of the Taliban in Afghanistan. While our oppressed people are facing torture and more horrific methods of slaughter than the Middle Ages, the world should not be a bystander. We want the international community to take responsibility and take practical steps to deal with these crimes.”

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The identity of the man being tortured has not been revealed. Some on social media claim he is a disabled former soldier who lost both legs in Kunduz province in 2014.

According to the UN and human rights groups, the Taliban has routinely detained, tortured, and killed scores of former members of the Afghan security forces and government officials.