SIGAR: Taliban are going after former Afghan army personnel on a daily basis

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has reported that the Taliban is actively pursuing former Afghan defense and security forces on a daily basis. 

According to a member of former Afghan national army who spoke to SIGAR, the Taliban are searching for former security personnel by raiding their homes and, failing to find them, going after their family members.

“The Taliban are going after former ANDSF on a daily basis. They search their homes and if they cannot find the individual they will go after their family members…” a member of former Afghan national army told SIGAR. “Since the collapse I have relocated four times. If they find out anything, I will be executed,” he added. 

Since regaining power in August 2021 and announcing a “general amnesty,” the Taliban have repeatedly been accused of violating their supreme leader’s amnesty order, resulting in the arrest, imprisonment, torture, and killing of hundreds of former soldiers and civilians. 

On Thursday, the group arrested and killed a former police commander of Paktika province in the southeastern province of Khost.