Taliban: Explosion in Takhar Leaves Three Wounded

According to the Taliban officials in the northeastern Takhar province, the explosion in Taleqan, the capital city of this province left at least three wounded. The Taliban police chief in this province has confirmed the explosion and the number of casualties.

The explosion, according to Mobeen Safi, the Taliban spokesman for the police chief in Takhar province, took place around 10:30 today, December 28 near Qataghan Private Hospital in the center of Taleqan city.

According to Safi, the explosion took place after a mine was placed in a mobile phone stall. Safi confirmed that three people were wounded in this explosion.

However, eyewitnesses told Kabul Now that this incident took place when a magnetic mine targeted a Taliban ranger-type vehicle.

According to the eyewitnesses, the explosion left at least people wounded, including a Taliban soldier.

So far, no one or group has claimed responsibility for this explosion.

Takhar province has witnessed several explosions in recent days.

Two days ago, the Taliban’s police chief in Badakhshan, Mawlawi Abdul Haq Abu Omar, was killed along with two other members of the group in a car bombing in Faizabad, capital city of the northeastern Badakhshan province.

The Taliban Ministry of Interior confirmed that two other people were killed in this attack. Releasing a video in which the attack is filmed, the Islamic State – Khurasan Province (ISKP) claimed responsibility for the attack