Taliban Arrest Eight Protesters in Takhar

Sources from Taleqan, the capital city of northern Takhar province, report to Kabul Now that the Taliban arrested a number of protesters in this province.

A group of women protested today, December 24 in response to the Taliban’s recent decision to ban girls’ education in universities and educational centers.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid” and “Education is our right”, were the slogans the protesters kept chanting in today’s protest in Taleqan city.

The Taliban dispersed the protest by gun shooting and they also beat up and arrested some of the protestors.

Fatema (pseudonym), one of the protesting women, says that the Taliban used sticks and whips to suppress the protesters. According to her, some of the protesting girls fell down when the Taliban kept suppressing the protest.

She adds that the Taliban have arrested at least six female, mainly students of educational centers, and two male protesters in this city today.

The officials of the Taliban police chief in Takhar province confirm the arrest of protesters but they have not detailed the release date of the detainees.

Meanwhile, sources from the western Herat province reported to Kabul Now today that protesters gathered in the city to raise their voices over the Taliban’s decision on girls’ education. In the videos posted on social media, the Taliban are seen using water cannons for dispersing the protesters.

Yesterday, sources in the capital city it was reported that the Taliban arrested five women taking part in a protest. The Taliban reportedly arrested three journalists as well.