Taliban’s Ban on Girls’ Education: Taliban Suppress Protests in Kabul and Herat

Taliban forces in Kabul and Herat reportedly suppressed protests against the group’s recent decision to ban university education for women in the country. Following the Taliban’s recent decision, protestors gathered in many cities across the country to protest against this move.

Yesterday, sources in the capital city reported to Kabul Now that the Taliban arrested five women taking part in a protest against the ban on women attending universities. The Taliban reportedly arrested three journalists as well.

Today, credible sources report to Kabul Now that one of the protesting women is still kept in Taliban custody.

The sources identified the detainee as Hadiya Bahar, a member of Rawzana Omid Afghanistan Social Organization.

There is no information about the whereabouts of Hadiya Bahar as of yet, the source added.

Sources from the western Herat province report to Kabul Now that today, December 24, protesters gathered in the city to protest against the Taliban’s decision on girls’ education.

In the videos posted on social media, the Taliban are seen using water cannons to disperse the protesting women. The protesters are chanting that education is their basic right.

The ban on girls’ education by the Taliban has drawn global-level reactions and opposition inside and outside the country. A number of countries and international organizations, including several Islamic countries such as  Saudi ArabiaQatarIndonesia, and Pakistan have condemned this decision of the Taliban.

In Kabul and some other cities, Taliban forces are present on the roads with light and heavy weapons and water cannons to prevent possible protests.

It is reported that the Taliban have a heavy military presence in front of Kabul University and Dasht-e -Barchi area in the western part of Kabul.