Taliban Arrest Journalists and Women Protesting against University Ban

Sources in the capital city report to Kabul Now that the Taliban have arrested five women taking part in a protest against the ban on women attending universities. The Taliban arrested reportedly three journalists as well. Following the Taliban’s recent decision, protestors gathered in many cities across the country to protest against this move.

Julia Parsi, one of the protesting women, says that the Taliban arrested at least five women taking part in the protest in Kabul. She herself survived the arrest by the Taliban.

Parsi adds that she was beaten by female Taliban agents. The Taliban dispersed the protesting girls, adds Parsi.

According to another protesting woman, the Taliban turned the protests into violence and beat up the protesters.

Earlier, it was reported that a number of male and female students of the Faculty of Medicine of Nangarhar University refused to take their exams. These students left the examination hall to protest against the recent decision taken by the Taliban. The students called this decision “unfair”.

In an official letter sent to state and private universities on December 20, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has indefinitely banned higher education for female students. Higher education is “suspended” for female students until further notice, the letter reads. This decision by the Taliban ignited global reactions.

The US, Germany, the UK, the UN and its agencies, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, EU, Human Rights Watch many more have condemned this decision.