Taliban Bans University Education for Female Students Indefinitely

In an official letter sent to state and private universities, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has indefinitely banned higher education for female students. Higher education is “suspended” for female students until further notice, the letter reads.

The Taliban Ministry of Higher Education issued the letter on Tuesday, December 20.

In the letter, it is stated that the decision to suspend higher education for girls is taken by the Taliban cabinet.

Hafiz Ziaullah Hashemi, the Taliban spokesman of the Ministry of Higher Education, confirmed to Kabul Now the authenticity of this letter.

This letter is signed by Nada Mohammad Nadim, Taliban Acting Minister for Higher Education.

Earlier in his statements, this Taliban minister highlighted girls’ schooling as a ‘foreign culture’ and said that this culture was brought into the country by Amanullah Khan, the former king of Afghanistan.

The ruling group has imposed severe restrictions, in particular, on girls and their right to education.

In August last year, girls above sixth grade were banned from going to schools. This decision by the Taliban drew worldwide reactions.

In response to these reactions, some Taliban officials, however, repeatedly said that the group was working on a plan to reopen the secondary schools for girls. But it never materialized.