Taliban Arrest another 4 Civilians in Panjshir

Local sources in Panjshir province report to Kabul Now that the Taliban have arrested four civilians from the Dar-e Abdullah Khel area of Darah district at 7:00 Wednesday night, November 30. These civilians were arrested while they were organizing a wedding ceremony for their relatives.

Sources identified the detainees as Shir Alam, Saddam Hussain, Shamoun and Mir Akbar. The source added that the Taliban have disrupted the happy ongoing wedding ceremony of the local residents by arresting these people.

On the same day, the arrest of more than 25 original residents of the northeastern Panjshir province in Kabul was reported as well.

Lately, the Taliban have been arresting civilians from Panjshir and Kapisa provinces on charges of cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF), but the source emphasized that these detainees had no relation with NRF.

The Taliban transferred the detainees to an unknown location and there is no information about their whereabouts as of yet, the source added.

This morning, for the fourth time, the Taliban searched all the houses in the village of Deh Paitow of Dar-e Abdullah Khel in the Darah district of Panjshir province, the source added. While the snow season is approaching, the clashes between the Taliban and the NRF forces have decreased in Panjshir province, but the Taliban have a heavy and wider military presence in most of the villages of this province.