25 residents of Panjshir

Taliban Arrest Over 25 Residents of Panjshir in Kabul

The Taliban forces have arrested more than 25 original residents of the northeastern Panjshir province in Kabul over the past two months, sources confirmed to Kabul Now. They have been arrested on charges of cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF).

Most of those arrested are original residents of Dara district of Panjshir who are currently residing in the capital Kabul.

Kabul Now’s findings suggest that one woman and a cleric are also among the 25 arrested by the Taliban.

Those arrested are identified as follows:

  1. Mawlawi Abdul Malik son of Gul Mohammad
  2. Abdul Haq son of Hakimullah
  3. Abdul Ahad son of Mir Mohammad
  4. Abdul Wahid son Hashm
  5. Mohammad Aqel son of Mohammad Alem
  6. Gulbuddin Son of Mohammad Kabir
  7. Mujtaba son of Ibrahim
  8. Zainul Abedin son of Mohammad Faiz Khan
  9. Zamarrud Khan son of Mohammad Ali Khan
  10. Abdul Rahman son of Mohammad Ali Khan
  11. Fraidoon son of Rasul Khan
  12. Jafar Khan son of Rasul Khan
  13. Feroz Khan son of Rasul Khan
  14. Azizul Rahman son of Mohammad Ali Khan
  15. Mirwais son of Habib Khan
  16. Jamil son of Abdul Wakil
  17. Sayed Akbar
  18. Abdul Malik son of Abdul Faruq
  19. Sheerin Agha son of Fateh Khan
  20. Nessar Ahmad son of Karam Khan
  21. Mubarak Shah son of Aynullah
  22. Ahmad Mayel son Jan Mohammad
  23. Humaira Yousuf
  24.  Sayed Noor son of Allah Noor
  25. Mustafa son of Fazal Subhan

These are the detainees who have been arrested in Kabul.

The Taliban have arrested scores of civilians on charges of cooperation with the NRF in Panjshir and other provinces as well.

According to sources, the Taliban arrested Sayed Noor and Mustafa, who are residents of the Abdulla Khel area of Dara district, on Tuesday, November 29, in the 9th district of Kabul.

The arrested people are imprisoned in the detention centers of the 40 Directorateand 90 Directorate of the Taliban intelligence agency and in Pul-e-Charkhi prison.

Another source said that most of those arrested are daily wage workers whose families are now left without breadwinners in Kabul.

The Taliban has often been accused of arresting and torturing people in Panjshir.

After his visit to Panjshir in October, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, said in a tweet that the representatives of Panjshir described a “massive crackdown on civilians” by Taliban and widespread human rights abuses.

“Corroborating open source analysis, Panshiris also told me of the shocking treatment of NRF fighters hors de combat,” he said in a tweet thread after his Panjshir visit.