Sources: Taliban Behead Two Young Girls in Samangan

Sources in Rui-do-Aab district of northern Samangan province report to Kabul Now that the Taliban beheaded two young girls in this province.

According to the sources, Qari Anas, one of the bodyguards of Shah Mohammad Shamshad, the Taliban district governor in Rui-do-Aab, reportedly beheaded these girls before their families.

A source clarified that these two girls were accused of adultery and having premarital affairs.

In this context, Sibghatullah Ahmadi, the spokesperson of the National Resistance Front, wrote on his Facebook page that, primarily,  the Taliban raped these two girls in Samangan province and then beheaded them before their families.

However, the sources deny that Taliban members assaulted these two girls.

On the other hand, a number of residents of Rui-do-Aab district of Samangan province accuse Shah Mohammad Shamshad, the district governor of this district, of misbehaving and oppressing the people in the area.

They want Shah Mohammad to be removed from this post. We wanted to have the views of the local Taliban officials about this incident in Samangan province, but we failed to do so after countless efforts.