10 women flogged publicly in Parwarn

10 Women Among 27 Flogged Publicly in Parwan

The Taliban lashed a total of 27 people, including 10 women, on different charges among a large crowd of spectators on Thursday morning, December 08, in the northern Parwan province.

These people, as per the account of the Taliban Supreme Court, have been charged with pederasty, deception, wrong testament, documents forgery, drug business, elopement, and forbidden affairs.

Each of them received from 27 to 39 lashes by the Taliban courts, according to local sources. Moreover, they are also sentenced to be imprisoned from two months to two years each.

In recent months, the Taliban regime has launched a countywide campaign of public punishments, mostly lashing, which triggered national and international condemnations.

The group executed a man publicly for the first time since taking over Afghanistan in August 2021, in the western Farah province, under Qisas punishment.

Top Taliban leaders, including Mullah Baradar and Serajuddin Haqqani, attended the public execution.

According to the Taliban, the man accused of murder was shot dead – retaliated in kind – by the father of the man who was murdered five years ago. This public execution drew worldwide condemnation.