Taliban Includes Leader’s Name in Formal Khutbah for Friday Prayers

The Taliban regime has approved a formal Khutbah or sermon – public preaching – for Friday prayers across Afghanistan. The newly approved Khutbah that will be read in all Friday prayers contains the name of the group’s leader, Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzadah.

The group’s Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs announced the approval of this sermon formalities on Saturday, November 19.

“There are formalities and Mustahabat (recommendations) for sermons of the Friday prayers, inter alia praying for the reigning Emir or ruler, his dominance on Sharia [law] and victory over the enemies,” part of the Ministry’s announcement read about the approved preaching text.

Referring to prayer for Islamic rulers during the Caliphate era, the Ottoman Empire, the reign of Kind Zahir Shah in Afghanistan, and the rule of Taliban’s founding leader Mullah Omar, the Ministry justified approval of this “united sermon text” or Khotbah text for Friday prayers.

“The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs has arranged a united Khutbah for all imams and preachers of mosques across the country. Pillars, sunnah, and formalities of Khutbah are considered in this [Khutbah text] which is approved by the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” part of the Ministry’s announcement read.

The Taliban regime currently ruling all over Afghanistan proclaims itself as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

Previously, the Taliban local governors had also ordered imams of mosques in different provinces to mention the name of the group’s current leader and pray for him during the Friday prayers.