in-cash aid
Photo by DAB

In-Cash Aid for Afghanistan Crosses USD 1.5 billion

With the arrival of this week’s humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, the total amount of in-cash aid crossed USD 1.5 billion. A new batch of USD 40 million in cash humanitarian aid reached Kabul on Monday, November 07. This batch reaches Kabul after five days when the country had received yet the second batch of USD 40 million in-cash aid within one week on Tuesday, November 02, says the country’s Taliban-controlled bank, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB).

With the newly received batch of in-cash aid, Afghanistan has received 15 batches of USD 40 million cash and more than 30 batches of USD 32 million cash under Taliban control.

The country has received more than USD 1 billion and 553 million (USD 1,553,000,000) in cash aid from the international community since the Taliban returned to power, according to Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB).

As per the accounts of the DAB and UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the in-cash aid is deposited in a private commercial bank and will not be used by the Taliban. This is not, however, clear how this in-cash aid is spent and who are the donors who are providing this humanitarian aid. With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the country’s foreign assets were frozen and the group’s de-facto regime has been denied access to these assets.