UN Women: Taliban Restrictions to Exclude Women From Media

The United Nations for gender equality and women empowerment, known as UN Women, has said that the restrictions imposed on the media by the Taliban specifically target female journalists. These restrictions would exclude women from playing an active role in the country’s media.

This agency has analyzed what female journalists have gone through for the past year and what it means for Afghanistan; the agency stated this in a report published on Monday, October 24.

Since September 2021, the Taliban have imposed severe restrictions on media. Specifically, the Taliban have removed all laws guaranteeing and protecting journalists, UN Women added.

According to this agency, Taliban restrictions have been implemented through threats, torture, arrest, and direct harassment.

“Particularly female journalists are targeted; with specific instructions, such as covering their faces on television.”, UN Women has said.

This agency has said that the restrictions against women will remove them from the media.

The UN Women’s Department added that the risk of media closure due to the economic crisis also limits the open space for maintaining female employees in the media. According to this agency, the current situation proves a systematic and coherent attempt to suppress the media and remove the faces, views, and experiences of women from the public.