Taliban infighting leaves a local commander dead in Parwan

A Taliban commander was killed following an armed clash that erupted between two local commanders of the group in Siagard district of Parwan province, a source told Kabul Now on condition of anonymity. The incident took place earlier today in “Dar-e Khishki” of the district.

Shamsul Haq was killed in an armed clash that erupted between him and Ahmadullah – another Taliban commander – over personal disputes, the source added.

The two commanders also worked at the Shahi Khel School in Dar-e-Khishki of the district. Ahmadullah was the principal and Shamsul Haq was the headmaster at the same school.

The source further stated that the Taliban local forces have already arrested Ahmadullah.

So far, the local officials of the Taliban have not said anything about the incident.

Deadly infightings have increased drastically ever since the Taliban return to power. Some of these internal armed clashes have left many dead and wounded, including their commanders, in different parts of Afghanistan.

In another latest infighting, Qari Najibullah Noori, a Taliban official in Jebal al-Siraj district of Parwan province, was killed along with one of his bodyguards. The incident took place on Tuesday, October 04, in the same province.