President Ghani

Pres.Ghani: consultations are underway and I share results with you

As the Taliban militants making rapid advancement across the country, President Ashraf Ghani, in an address to the nation today, Saturday, August 14, said that consultations were underway with the representatives of people and Afghanistan’s international partners and he would announce the results of consultations in coming days.

The statement is made while there were rumors about a likely stepping back of the Afghan president. Ghani thanked the people for standing side by side with the Afghan security and defense forces, acknowledging that he was aware of the situation in every corner of the country   

“I am thankful to the nation for standing shoulder to shoulder with our security forces. Our first priority is to bring coordination and sift actions in relation to coordinating our security forces. I would like to assure you as your president, I know you are worried about the situation. I am going to prevent further displacement of the people. I am not going to allow this imposed war to lead to more bloodshed and losing the gains of the last two decades.”

The President said he had comprehensive consultations with representatives of the people and international partners and consultations are underway in a speedy way and I would share the results with the people.     

President Ghani is under immense pressure, with the Taliban fighters demanding him to step down. Some politicians have been pressing him to step down and make the path for an interim government.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Taliban have overrun at least 18 provincial capitals and more than 200 districts.