Malistan district

Taliban storm over Malistan, local officials condemn government for inaction

After days of resistance propelled by the government forces and People Uprising Forces, the district building of Malistan district fell to the Taliban insurgents yesterday, July 12.    

Two days ago, a number of Taliban fighters entered Maknak village of Malistan telling the locals that they would not harm civilians but have forced them to feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinners.

On July 10, the insurgents launched multiple attacks from several directions on Malistan which led to government forces’ retreating to the adjacent Jaghori district.     

Sources have confirmed to Kabul Now the fall of Malistan district to the Taliban. A Taliban spokesperson said the insurgents have taken control over district building in Malistan.

The Taliban insurgents have toppled down a communication antenna in Maknak village, local sources and Malistan MPs told Kabul Now.

Local officials and forces who had retreated to Malistan attempted to push the Taliban insurgents out of the district but in vain.   

On July 10, the Taliban insurgents entered Sherdagh, Kharzar, and Maknak areas of Malistan from Urozgan e Khas and Ajrestan districts, areas where the Taliban insurgents operate freely.

On July 11, Amir Mohammad Jawid, district governor for Malistan, told Kabul Now that the Taliban attacks in Sherdagh and Kharzar areas of the district were repelled by security, defense, and local forces, killing more than 40 Taliban militants.

The media office of Malistan district has repeatedly called on the central government to send reinforcement forces and support security forces reclaim the district building.  According to the office, the district’s security and defense forces fought the “enemy” empty-handed for several days.

The Hazara-populated Malistan shares border with Ajristan and Urozgan e Khas, the two insure districts where insurgents operate. 

Ghazni is a volatile province where the Taliban controls 12 of its 19 districts including Malistan.