Balkhab and Sar e Pul

Security forces repel Taliban insurgents in Sar e Pul and Balkhab districts

Afghanistan’s security and defense forces have repelled Taliban attacks in Sar e Pul and Balkhab districts, inflicting heavy casualties on the group, Abdul Haq Shafaq, governor of Sar e Pul, said today, July 12.

Talking to Kabul Now, he said the Taliban has repeatedly attacked the provincial capital for the last two weeks.

According to him, the Taliban has suffered heavy casualties during the clashes while only three security and defense forces were killed.

On the other hand, Shafaq said the Taliban carried out a four-day attack on Balkhab district during which nearly 70 militants were killed in two areas of the district.

The militants were surrounded by security and defense forces after infiltrating in Hush village of Balkhab district, as a result of which, 17 Taliban fighters were arrested, 19 were killed, and four others were wounded, he detailed. 

More than 50 militants were also killed and 30 others wounded in clashes with security, defense, and people mobilization forces in Qum Kotal area of Balkhab district, he added.

Despite large-scale attacks launched by the well-equipped Taliban, they failed to advance their territories and retreated from Balkhab district, Sar e Pul governor explained.

Mr. Shafaq added the Taliban in Balkhab district have faced a wave of resistance by the locals, and in mountainous parts of Gosfandi and Sancharak districts, the militant group has been weakened and retreated from the areas.

The Taliban has not commented on the incident so far.

Located in the northern part of the country, Sar e Pul is an insecure province where the Taliban have overrun five out of its six districts.

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