FSH asks Afghan gov’t, Taliban to respect impartiality of media

FSH asks Afghan gov’t and Taliban to respect impartiality of media

In reaction to limitations imposed by the Taliban against media and remarks of government officials, Free Speech House (FSH) has called on the two warring parties to respect the principles of freedom of speech and impartiality of the media.

Reports that indicate the Taliban has imposed restrictions on the local media outlets in the districts and the recent remarks of the government officials against freedom of speech and media are concerning, the House said in a statement on Tuesday, July 06.

“Freedom of expression and media are one of the most important achievements over the last 20 years in Afghanistan, during which the media have been operating in accordance with the law on mass media and measured global standards, taking into account the principle of balance and impartiality,” the statement added.

This comes after a number of government officials including Justice Minister, Fazl Ahmad Manawi, and Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Qassem Wafayezada, called on the media not to give a tribune to the Taliban.

Mr. Manawi asked the media to call victims of security and defense forces as “martyrs”, otherwise it would be considered a crime.

Earlier, NAI, an organization supporting open media in Afghanistan, said the government and Taliban want the media and journalists to take sides and work for their benefits.