army helicopter makes emergency landing in Helmand

US will supply 45 helicopters and seven A-29 attack aircrafts to Afghan army

The United States has committed to supply 45 military choppers and seven A-29 Super Tucano attack aircrafts to the Afghan army, said Ajmal Omar Shinwari, spokesperson for Afghanistan defense and security institutions.

This comes amid growing Taliban attacks in different parts of the country. The militants have shot down several army helicopters over past few months as part of their campaign against the Afghan forces.

Speaking at a press conference today, June 29, he described President Ghani’s visit to the US as fruitful for the government and Afghan forces. Mr. Shinwari added that Ghani has gotten the US commitment to continue supporting Afghan defense and security forces with military training and supplies.

A new chapter of cooperation will be opened between the Office of Afghanistan’s National Security Council and the US National Security Council as another big achievement of President Ghani’s visit to Washington, according to Mr. Shinwari.

He further assured the US and NATO will continue to support the Afghan government, particularly the defense and security forces as they did in the past.

As per his account, both the Republicans and Democrats have extended support to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Afghan forces during Ghani’s visit to the US Congress.

President Ghani and Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), Abdullah Abdullah, left Kabul on June 23, upon an official invitation by the US government.

The delegation met Joe Biden, some top US officials, and leaders of the Republicans and Democrats in the US Senate.

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