Afghans worked with foreign troops

Taliban says Afghans worked for foreign troops shall not be in danger

Following Afghans who worked with foreign troops as interpreters, guards, and in other positions raised concerns regarding their safety after the withdrawal of foreign troop, the Taliban has assured that these Afghans shall not be in “any danger” on their part as long as they show remorse.

The militant group has asked all the Afghans who have worked for the foreign troops not to “desert” the country, return to their normal life, and serve Afghanistan in any field they have expertise. “We viewed them as our foes when they were directly standing in the ranks of our enemies,” the group said in a statement issued today, Monday, June 07.

They will not face any issue, the group noted, when they abandon the ranks of the Taliban enemy and opt to live like an ordinary Afghan.

Withdrawal of the foreign troops has started on May 01 and will be completed by September 11 this year, according to the withdrawal plan the US President Joe Biden announced on April 14.

So far, the US and UK governments have officially announced the acceleration of the process of granting asylum to Afghans who have worked for them. The German government, however, has not yet given a clear response to the numerous requests made by Afghans who worked with them.

Thousands of Afghans have worked as interpreters, security guards, and in other capacities with the foreign troops over the past 20 years. They fear retaliation from the Taliban as the foreign troops are now leaving the country.

Hundreds of them have so far been resettled in US, Britain, and Germany but thousands are still looking forward to seek asylum.

Citing the US Embassy data, Aljazeera reported that the applications of about 18,000 Afghans seeking special immigration visa are currently pending at the US Embassy in Kabul.

The Taliban have also tried to calm down foreign diplomatic missions after Australia closed its Embassy in Kabul. The militant group assured that they will provide a “safe environment” after the foreign troops pulled out of Afghanistan.

In latest attempt, a member of the Taliban negotiating team, Abbas Stanikzai, has assured the newly appointed EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Tomas Niklasson, that they will ensure security of all foreign diplomats and humanitarian staffs in Afghanistan.

The issue was raised during a meeting held on Sunday, June 06, in Doha between Mr. Niklasson and Taliban delegation led by Mr. Stanikzai, according to Mohammad Naeem, spokesperson for the Taliban political office in Doha.

“The security of foreign diplomats and employees of humanitarian organizations is part of national interests in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s responsibility,” he added.

The two sides also discussed the peace process, withdrawal of foreign troops, and EU humanitarian aid.