Taliban attack leaves four security forces dead in Bamyan

Taliban attack leaves five security forces dead in Bamyan

Five security forces were killed and one other was wounded after the Taliban militants attacked their security outposts in Kahmard district of Bamyan province, local officials confirmed.

The Taliban launched their attacks around 2:00 AM in Ashposhta village of the district, said Sayed Anwar Rahmati, Bamyan governor, in a press conference held today, June 16.

The village is under the control of security forces led by Zabardast Safi, Bamyan police chief, and other local security officials, he detailed, adding that no outpost has fallen to the militants.

According to Mr. Rahmati, Mawlawi Shams al Haq, who is the Taliban’s shadow district governor for Shiber district of the province, is wounded.

15 militants, including Mawlawi shams and the group’s military chief for Bamyan, Mawlawi Sediqullah, are now under the siege by the government forces, the governor stated.

The Taliban, however, claimed they have overrun two outposts in the district. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, further claimed that nine security forces were killed and five others were wounded as the result of the militants attack in Kahmard district.

He also confirmed two Taliban militants wounded in clashes against security forces.

Located in central part of the country, Bamyan is a secure province but the Taliban militants launch sporadic attacks against Kahmard and Shibar district from the neighboring volatile provinces of Baghlan, Parwan, and Maidan Wardak.