Parliament speaker

Parliament Speaker urges gov’t to let people take independent security measures

Amid growing violence and rapid collapse of districts by the Taliban, the Parliament Speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani, has called on the leadership of security institutions and as well as on the government’s leadership to let people take independent self-defense and security measures.

Speaking at today’s Parliament session today, June 14, he expressed concern regarding increased targeted violence in west Kabul and pushed the government to mobilize the people politically and nationally for independent defense measures.

West Kabul, predominantly populated by the Hazaras, has witnessed unprecedented deadly attacks targeting ordinary civilians in recent months.

In the latest attack, seven civilians were killed and six others wounded after two blasts targeted a car and a van type vehicle in Barchi, a western neighborhood of Kabul last Saturday, June 12.

Moreover, the Parliament speaker recommended the government leadership and security institutions to review their war policies and war tactics and facilitate the ground for the people to step in for protection of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

He assigned the Parliament’s internal and defense committee to prepare a new plan to address the current security situation after assessing defense and security institutions. Rahmani also tasked the committee to address problems Afghan defense and security forces faced in frontlines in consultation and cooperation with the officials at the Ministry of Defense.

This comes a day after the Senate called for a review of war strategy by the defense and security institutions.

The Taliban militants have dramatically increased their attacks across the country mostly aimed at expanding their territorial control. As many as 22 districts have fallen to the militants since May 01, beginning of the foreign troop’s withdrawal.

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