Ghazni police

Ghazni police: operation underway to retake lost territories

Afghan defense and security forces have launched operations to retake lost territories in Jaghatu, Ab Band, and Moqur districts of the southern Ghazni province, Ghazni police said in a statement issued today, Thursday, June 10.

The joint operation is underway by the Afghan forces, including commandos and air forces, to retake those territories in the districts from where they had previously made “tactical retreats”, the statement noted.

The Taliban militants took control of some areas, including Jaghatu and Deh Yak districts, over past few days. The government, however, said that Afghan defense and security forces have made tactical retreats.

As per the statement, new security outposts will be set up away from the residential areas once the lost territories are retaken and these outposts will be manned with more security forces equipped with advanced weapons.

The statement added that a clearance operation is also underway in Gillan district.

According to Ghazni police, a total of 60 Taliban militants have been killed and more than 30 others wounded in Moqur and Jaghatu districts since the beginning of the operation.

Hamidullah Nawruz, a member of provincial council in Ghazni, confirmed to Kabul Now last Tuesday, June 08, that the Taliban took control of Jaghatu district after 80 security forces stationed in the district retreated to the neighboring Nawur district.

In addition to Jaghatu district, the Taliban also claimed overrunning several security outposts in Ab Band district. Ghazni police, however, denied this but confirmed that the Taliban had launched attacks in two areas of the district.

Three security forces were killed and two others wounded in the Taliban attacks, adding that government forces had retreated from Sarfaraz Qala and Anten areas of Ab Band to the district’s center.