Ajmal Ahmady's signature invalidated

Parliament invalidates Ahmady’s signature

The Parliament’s committee on budget and finance affairs has declared Ajmal Ahmady’s signature, the acting governor of Da Afghanistan Bank, as “illegal,” invalidating his signature as governor of the central bank.

On Sunday’s session, the committee informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Afghanistan’s international partners that Ahmady’s signature is not valid since December 02, the day when he failed to secure votes of confidence from the Parliament as the bank governor.

Members of the committee called on President Ghani to introduce a “competent” candidate for the central bank governor to the Parliament.

On December 02, the MPs urged the President to nominate a new governor for Afghanistan’s central bank. But Ahmady continues to occupy the position despite opposition and objection.

In addition to the central bank, many ministries including the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior are currently run by caretakers.