Pres. Ghani dismiss senators

Ashraf Ghani proposes three-phase peace roadmap

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will propose a three-phase peace roadmap for Afghanistan in the upcoming meeting in Turkey, Reuters reported as quoting a document seen by this news agency. The three-phase peace road map includes a consensus on a political settlement with the Taliban, an internationally monitored ceasefire before elections, implementation of political arrangements to lay the foundation of a new system called the government of peace, and developing a “constitutional framework, reintegration of refugees and development.”

The proposal by the Ghani-led government is highlighted at a time when the United States is pushing the two parties to reach a political settlement in the meeting to be hosted by Turkey, under the UN watch.

In February last year, the US and Taliban signed a peace deal which bound the Taliban to cut ties with al-Qaeda and other terror organizations and engage in meaningful peace talks with the Afghan government and obliged the US to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May this year.

Earlier this month, US President Joe Biden said it would be “hard” to withdraw the last American troops from Afghanistan by May 01. He underlined that the delay would be “just in terms of tactical reasons”, but highlighted that the US troops would leave the country in the future.

Afghan political factions last week announced their united support for the coming peace meeting in Turkey. A group of prominent jihadi leaders said that they would stand united in the meeting to be hosted by Turkey.

Amid escalating violence, the Taliban issued a statement, warning that the militants would target government forces and resume attacks against foreign troops if they did not meet the May 01 deadline.

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