Two MPs under AGO investigation over wrong asset declaration

Two MPs under AGO investigation over false declaration of assets

The Anti-Corruption Commission has introduced two MPs to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) on charges of filling in “false” and “deceptive” information in their assets’ declaration forms, AGO Spokesperson, Jamshid Rasooli confirmed to Kabul Now.

Without revealing the identity of the two MPs, Rasooli said that their cases are currently under investigation at the AGO.

Another source from the AGO, however, disclosed to Kabul Now that the two MPs are Ahmadshah Ramazan, from Balkh province, and Nassima Niazi, from Helmand province.

Pursuant to article 154 of the Constitution, Afghanistan endorsed a law two years ago making it obligatory for high government officials and MPs to officially register their assets.

According to the law, the President, vice presidents, ministers, members of the Supreme Court, MPs, military officials, senior advisors, and other senior government officials must declare their assets before and after holding their official positions.

Afghan justice and judiciary organs have apparently accelerated investigating corruption cases, including high-profile ones, in recent months.

In another latest case, Gul Mohammad Arian, director of Kandahar economy directorate, was introduced to the AGO for further investigation on charges of corruption.

The local official was introduced to the AGO by Kandahar’s governor, Rohullah Khanzadah, as a result of his performance evaluation, according to a statement issued by Kandahar’s governor office today, February 25.

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