Taliban attack leaves two policemen dead in Bamyan

Taliban attack leaves two policemen dead in Bamyan

A group of Taliban militants carried out an attack on check points of national security forces in Shebar district of Bamyan province on Monday, September 21, a local official told Kabul Now.

The Taliban attack on Bamyan follows a presidential visit. On Sunday, September 20, President Ashraf Ghani, accompanied by a high level government delegation, including first and second vice presidents, paid a visit to central Bamyan province.

Mohammad Reza Yosufi, spokesperson for Bamyan police chief, told Kabul Now that the Taliban militants, grouped in Tala-wa-Barfak district of Baghlan, launched attack on security check points in Baghak village of Shebar district of Bamyan.

Baghlan is adjacent to Bamyan.

The Taliban militants ambushed police reinforcement forces in Dara-e-Shekary while they were on their way to Baghak, according to Mr. Yosufi. The clashes which erupted between security forces and the Taliban militants lasted for hours.

The security forces repelled the Taliban militants, pushing them back, the spokesperson told Kabul Now. He confirmed that two national policemen were killed and another one was wounded.

The central mountain locked Bamyan is a safe province where Taliban are not present.