Taliban prisoners released by Afghan government leaving a government compound in Kabul

Afghan government releases 102 Taliban prisoners

The Afghan government released 102 Taliban prisoners on Monday, May 04 spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Office of National Security Council said in a tweet on Tuesday, May 05.

In another tweet posted on May 06, he said that 52 other prisoners of the militant group were released from the government prison on Tuesday, May 05.

The prisoner swap between the Afghan government and the Taliban is a part of a peace deal which was signed between the Washington and the Taliban representatives on February 29, in Doha, Qatar.

In a statement released by the National Security Council today, May 09, it says that the Afghan government have released 67 prisoners of the Taliban on Thursday’s night, May 07.

With the newly released Taliban inmates, the Afghan government has released around 1,000 Taliban prisoners, according to Javid Faisal, spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Office of National Security Council.


In return, the Taliban have released 174 pro-government prisoners who were in their captivity. The Afghan government has urged the Taliban leadership to release government’s prisoners.

The latest series of Taliban prisoners’ release comes while the militant group have ramped up their military campaign over last months. At least 60 Afghan security forces lost their lives in multiple Taliban attacks over last couple of months.