Afghan victims who have lost feet in war

Rights group call for inclusion of war victim in peace talks

Afghan rights group have called for inclusion of war victim representatives in intra-Afghan talks. Transitional Justice Coordination Group (TJCG), which is a coalition of 26 human rights and war victims’ organizations, has called on the Afghan government to take on board call by the rights groups and include an Afghan war victim representative in the negotiating delegation.  

The nearly-four-decade long bloodshed and violence have taken millions of innocent Afghan lives. According to UN records, over 100, 000 civilians have been killed and wounded in the past 11 years.

The composition of peace delegation—led by the Afghan government—is a politically-divided debate in a country where every political faction tries to have voice in peace talks with the Taliban.

In Afghanistan, victim families, who have lost members in the deadly Afghan conflict, make a vulnerable group who have not been given a voice to raise their demands.   

“Victims and their survivors have special needs, demands and messages essential to transition from conflict to a viable peace. Consideration of the needs and incorporation of victims’ voices, demands and messages into the process of constructing peace agreement will ensure inclusiveness, viability and legitimacy of the peace agreement. Comparative modality of peace-building also attests that exclusion of victims of war render peace processes extremely fragile and reversible,” reads statement issued by TJCJ.   

The call comes while the Taliban have refused to sit with the 21-member peace delegation introduced by the Afghan government last week. The 21-member negotiating team includes five women. Some figures who were picked to represent the Afghan people and government in the talks with the Taliban are the nation’s dedicated voices.