Suicide blast hits medical facility at Bagram base

A suicide blast hit a medical facility on Wednesday, December 11, in the main US military base of Bagram, in Parwan province, wounding over 60 people, Afghan and NATO officials said.

The attack comes while the US resumed a halted peace talks with the Taliban on last Saturday. The US-Taliban talks are expected to reduce violence.  

The Taliban has claimed responsibly for the attack.

The Taliban militants, who control part of the country, have been behind most deadly attacks on Afghan public and foreign facilities.

The attackers, who wanted to enter the base, were repelled and pushed back after a 30-minute clash, said local officials.

The attackers, first, detonated vehicles loaded with explosives at the southern entrance of the base, and then opened fire, according to local security officials.

According to the Afghan officials, the causalities are all Afghans.  

The attack badly damaged a medical facility being built for locals, Resolute Support, the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan, said in a statement.   

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