Photo: Social Media

Torkham border crossing closed after clash between Taliban-Pakistan forces

Local sources report that the Torkham border crossing has been closed after a clash erupted between Taliban and Pakistani forces.

The sources said that heavy gunfire was exchanged between both sides near the bustling border transit point between Afghanistan and Pakistan on Wednesday morning.

Shots could be heard from the area in videos posted on social media.

The skirmish occurred when the Pakistani border forces withstood the Taliban forces to set up a military post close to the Torkham crossing gate, according to the sources.

Several people are feared to have been injured on both sides, but the exact details of the causalities were not immediately known.

Taliban and Pakistani authorities have not officially commented so far.

Similar armed clashes, often resulting in causalities, have occurred between Taliban and Pakistan border forces since the Taliban overtook power in Afghanistan two years ago.

Border hostilities have led to temporary closure of Torkham, which is the main point of transit for travelers and goods between the two neighbors.