Taliban reduces tariff on coal exports by $20 per ton

The Taliban’s Ministry of Finance has announced that coal export customs duty has been reduced by $15 per ton, and its royalties by $5 per ton, amounting to a $20 reduction in total.

A year ago, the Taliban raised the export price of one ton of coal from $90 to $200, with 30% being collected as tax.

The finance ministry of the Taliban clarified in a statement on Sunday that this reduction was based on the directives of the group’s leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada, and the decision of the Economic Commission.

According to the ministry, the purpose of this decision is “to increase the country’s exports and encourage businessmen and investors.” The ministry has also emphasized that the adjustments will be subject to review, considering the rise of coal prices in the international market.

Since the Taliban assumed power in Afghanistan, the country’s coal exports to Pakistan have witnessed a substantial surge, which has caused its price to rise within Afghanistan.

Earlier in February, the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance reported that Afghanistan had exported $1.8 billion worth of goods over the past 10 months. according to the statement, coal and minerals account for the majority of the country’s export, with 2.7 million tons of coal exports generating 12.1 billion AFN ($135,972,177) – an increase of 10 billion AFN ($112,373,700) compared to the previous year.