Nooruddin Azizi. Photo: Taliban Ministry of Commerce

Afghanistan’s exports have increased by 85%, claims the Taliban

The Taliban’s Minister of Commerce Nooruddin Azizi has said that Afghanistan’s exports have increased by 85% this year. 

In an interview with the Taliban controlled Bakhtar News Agency, Azizi announced that Afghanistan had exported $1.8 billion worth of goods over the past 10 months. He also stated that, for the first time, exports had exceeded imports, with Pakistan being the largest importer of Afghan goods.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Finance has reported that minerals and coal account for the majority of Afghanistan’s exports, with 2.7 million tons of coal exports generating 12.1 billion AFN ($135,972,177) – an increase of 10 billion AFN (112,373,700) compared to the previous year.

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The Taliban’s positive economic claims at a time when Afghanistan is recovering from a harsh winter that claimed many lives. Currently, over 28 million people in Afghanistan are dependent on international humanitarian aid to survive, and six million people are at risk of famine.

The UN has said its aid partners have prioritised 23.7 million people in Afghanistan to receive aid in 2023, requiring $4.6 billion in funding.