Torkham border fully open after 6 days of closure

The Taliban in the eastern province of Nangarhar has said the Torkham border crossing has reopened to people and commercial vehicles.

The group’s head of Information and Culture Directorate in the province, Noor Mohammad Hanif, confirmed on Saturday that the crossing is now fully open and operational, following a six-day closure.

“The issues of Afghan citizens who were stranded on both sides of the border has been resolved,” Noor Mohammad Hanif said.

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On Friday, the Taliban announced that a high-level delegation led by Noorullah Noori, the group’s Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs and a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, was negotiating with Pakistan at the crossing.

The Torkham crossing, one of the primary transit points between Afghanistan and Pakistan, was closed last Sunday following a dispute between the Taliban and Pakistan. The Afghan side claimed that there had been a breach of commitment, which led to the closure. 

The two sides exchanged fire on Monday, including using heavy artillery. At least one Taliban member was killed in the skirmish. 

Afghan and Pakistani traders have complained of financial losses as hundreds of goods vehicles have been stranded on either side.