Natural disasters have left at least 6 dead across Afghanistan

The Taliban’s State Ministry for Disaster Management has reported a series of natural disasters in Afghanistan, resulting in casualties and extensive damage over the past week.

Various provinces, including Ghor, Badakhshan, Paktia, Kunar, Takhar, Nuristan, and Parwan, have experienced floods, landslides, heavy rainfall, and storms.

According to the ministry’s spokesperson, Shafiullah Rahimi, at least six individuals have tragically lost their lives, while eight others sustained injuries. The devastating events led to the partial or complete destruction of 30 residential houses, 85 micro-dams, and seven bridges. Additionally, around 832 livestock were injured, and over 100 acres of farmland were ravaged.

Assuring the affected population, Rahimi emphasized that the Taliban’s State Ministry for Disaster Management is actively collaborating with relief agencies to provide necessary assistance and support. They are diligently assessing the extent of the damage and prioritizing aid for those most in need.

These recent flooding incidents have inflicted significant human and financial losses on the people of Afghanistan. In May, the ministry reported that within just ten days, 24 lives were lost, and 120 individuals were injured due to flooding.

In light of the upcoming monsoon season, the State Ministry for Disaster Management urges all Afghans to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures. They also appeal for international assistance to aid in the recovery and rebuilding efforts following these devastating natural disasters.