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Taliban detains two former military officers in Kabul

Taliban detained two brothers, former military officers, from Kabul two days ago, local sources in Panjshir province told KabulNow Thursday.

According to the sources, the two brothers, identified as Muslim and Baryalai, originally hail from Panjshir. One of these brothers was a former army officer and another a police officer.

Muslim and Baryalai had lost their jobs following the Taliban takeover in August 2021, and since lived in Kabul.

The sources further added that the two brothers had no connections to any anti-Taliban groups, including the National Resistance Front, which is involved in guerilla fighting against the Taliban in Panjshir but also other close provinces.

There is no more detail available on the locations of these men.

Taliban officials have not commented either.

Following the Taliban’s return to power, tens of thousands of former soldiers lost their jobs and suddenly found themselves living under the harsh rule of the Taliban who they fought for two decades.

During the nearly two years, the Taliban have frequently arrested, tortured, and even killed former security forces, despite the general amnesty declared by the group.