Iran complains of receiving less than 4 per cent of Helmand River water rights

The Iranian Special Representative and Ambassador to Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, has expressed frustration over Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River.

Kazemi Qomi told Iranian media that his country is entitled to receive 820 million cubic meters of water from the Helmand River under a treaty with Afghanistan, but that only 27 million cubic meters of water arrived last year.

He said that the Taliban has committed to implementing the treaty, but that technical problems at the Kamal Khan Dam have prevented Iran from receiving its full share of water.

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Kazemi Qomi said that Iran has repeatedly raised the issue with the Taliban, and that experts have said that the dam’s gates can be repaired to allow more water to flow to Iran.

He called on the Taliban to take action to resolve the issue and to ensure that Iran receives its full share of water from the Helmand River.

Iranian officials have become increasingly vocal about their water rights over the Helmand River in recent months.