Taliban collects 193 billion Afghanis in revenue

Taliban: 193 billion Afghanis (US$2.24B) was collected in revenue last year

The Taliban’s Ministry of Finance claimed today that it has collected 193.912 billion Afghanis, equivalent to US$2.24 billion, in revenue in the last solar year, a 37% increase as compared to the previous year.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, the Ministry’s Director General of Customs, Abdulmatin Saeed said that during the last year, the ministry’s customs department collected 111.53 billion Afghanis (US$1.28B), bypassing the set target of 96 billion Afghanis (US$ 1.11B).

Last month, the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance claimed that they had collected 100 billion Afghanis (US$1.15B) in revenue during the last 11 months.

Nevertheless, there exists no impartial organization to authenticate the group’s financial data and expenditure statistics.

The ministry also said that 81.6% of the 239.037 million Afghanis ($2.76B) national budget approved by the Taliban administration , was spent over the last Afghan fiscal year. The ministry further claimed it prevented a budget deficit of 43.789 billion Afghanis ($506.3M) by observing the principle of savings.

The Taliban also reported that Afghanistan had a total exports of 170.43 billion Afghanis ($1.97B) and a sum of 599.22 billion Afghanis ($6.92B) imports last year, with coal exports amounting to 44.24 billion Afghani ($511M), of which 14.60 billion Afghani ($168M) was collected in revenue.