Hamid Karzai calls for ‘national dialogue’ to resolve the situation in Afghanistan

The US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, spoke to the former Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, on the situation in Afghanistan.

“Spoke with Hamid Karzai about urgent need to see women and girls return to school and work, steps toward dialogue among Afghans, Matiullah Wesa unjust detention, and women’s vital role in aid delivery. Appreciated his advice as always.” Thomas West said in a tweet on Saturday.

Hamid Karzai said the two men had disccused reiterated “the continuation and acceleration of humanitarian assistance and the removal obstacles against the activities of international humanitarian organisations and women’s work in those organisations.” Adding that they also discussed girls education, and the need for a “national dialogue” for lasting peace and stability in the country.

On Friday, Thomas West said he had attended a gathering in Doha on Afghanistan and met with figures who opposed and supported the Taliban.