Blast near Taliban foreign ministry kills 8 people

At least six dead in explosion near Taliban’s foreign ministry

At least six civilians were dead and several others, including three Taliban forces, were wounded in a blast near the Taliban’s ministry of foreign affairs in Kabul on Monday’s afternoon, the Taliban police in Kabul confirmed.

Spokesperson for the Taliban police in Kabul, Khalid Zadran, said that the explosion happened after the group’s forces shot dead a suicide bomber. He confirmed that six civilians were killed and several others, including three Taliban forces, were wounded after the suicide bomber’s explosive detonated as a result.

Zadran added that he will share more details later.

An emergency hospital run by an Italian NGO has confirmed that it received two deaths and 12 wounded from the blast near the ministry.

“Our Surgical Centre has received 12 wounded patients, including a child, and 2 other victims already dead-on arrival,” the NGO said.

Kabul and other provinces have been hit by deadly blasts in recent months, some of which have been claimed by the Islamic State – Khurasan Province (ISKP).

A blast outside the ministry in January killed at least 16 employees of the ministry and wounded around 40 others. The ISKP claimed responsibility for the attack.