US congressional delegation meet Zahir Aghbar in Tajikistan
Photo: Zahir Aghbar via Twitter

US Congressional delegation meets Afghanistan ambassador in Tajikistan

A US Congressional delegation has met with Afghanistan’s ambassador to Tajikistan, Zahir Aghbar, in Dushanbe, where they discussed Afghan issues, including the need for an elected government in Afghanistan, on Monday.

“Had a meeting with the delegation from the US House of Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss the threat of terrorism in the region, the importance of a monitoring system for humanitarian aid, and the need for a government elected by the people,” Aghbar, who was appointed as ambassador by the previous government and has still kept his post, said in a tweet late on Monday and posted a photo of his meeting with the US congressional delegation.

The US Congress has not officially commented regarding the meeting.

This US Congressional delegation visit Dushanbe, reportedly home to a political office of the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud, following two former US government officials recommending the Biden administration to engage with the Taliban’s opposition groups and help establish a political office for them, similar to that of the Taliban in Doha.