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Family expresses concerns over the fate of singer detained by the Taliban

Relatives of Musa Shaheen, a singer from the northeastern province of Panshir say they have no information about his fate since his disappearance almost a month ago.

Abdulwahab Asim, Musa Shaheen’s brother, told KabulNow that his attempts to obtain information about his brother’s situation and whereabouts have been unsuccessful.

Asim stated that he recently found out from a person who was recently released from detention that Musa Shaheen has been transferred from a Taliban prison in the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) in Panjshir to another GDI prison in Kabul. “I have been told that Musa Shaheen has been repeatedly tortured and his screams have been heard many times,” he added.

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According to sources, the Taliban detained Musa Shaheen in Kabul 28 days ago and then transferred him to his home province of Panjshir. The group has refrained from providing any information to his family.

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF), an anti-Taliban armed group, has been most active in Panjshir province. The Taliban has been widely accused of arresting, torturing, and committing extrajudicial killings of both its members and civilians in the area.