OIC Meeting
Photo: OIC

Taliban to the Muslim world: Don’t interfere in our affairs

The Taliban has responded to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)’s communique released at the of its Extraordinary Meeting held in Jeddah on Wednesday, which calls on the Afghan rulers to lift restrictions on women’s rights. The OIC communique said that the Taliban’s bans on women’s education and work were “in violation of the purposes of Islamic law and the methodology of the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad,” 

The OIC said that “education is a fundamental human right which all individuals must enjoy on the basis of equal opportunity and in a non-discriminatory manner,” asking the Taliban “to protect fundamental rights, including the right to life, security, dignity and the right to education for all Afghan women and girls in accordance with Islamic values and universal human rights standards”.

The OIC also announced its intention to send a delegate to Kabul to meet with the Taliban leaders. 

Responding to the IOC’s calls, the Taliban issued a statement through the group’s spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, saying that it expected the OIC “to have a close understanding” with the group and the international community should “not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.”