Taliban governor in Nimruz Najibullah Rafi

Taliban governor in Nimruz: NGOs can only hire with my approval

Sending an official letter to offices of the national and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), the Taliban’s economy department in the southwestern Nimruz province has told them that they must seek approval before hiring staff.

The letter, issued on Sunday 08 January, states that a committee has been established to oversee who the NGOs can employ, ensuring the approval of the governor.

The letter written in Pashto dated 08 January states hat a committee has been established to oversee who the NGOs can employ

The head of the Taliban’s information and culture department in Nimruz confirmed the letter but did not provide details

On 24 December 2022, the group’s Minister of Economy, Deen Mohammad Hanif, signed and sent a letter to all NGOs, ordering the NGOs not to let female staff work until further notice. It forced many aid organisations, including the Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children, and Care International, with thousands of female employees to suspend their life-saving humanitarian operations for millions of Afghans across the country.

The Taliban leaders’ decision triggered global condemnations with many aid organisations and the UN Security Council calling for the group to reverse its decision, which has been rejected.