Russia wants US arms from Taliban

Vladimir Putin is plotting arms exchange with the Taliban

According to a report in the British SUN newspaper, the Russian president Vladimir Putin is overseeing negotiations with the Taliban to obtain military equipments the US left behind in Afghanistan, in exchange with Russian weapons and possible recognition of the group’s government.

The newspaper cites the Telegram channel General SVR that Russia wants to use American military equipments held by the Taliban to bolster its forces in Ukraine. General SVR is an anonymous channel believed to be run by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) lieutenant general.

General SVR claims it is “written by retired and active members of the intelligence and secret services of several countries, people who were directly involved, supervised or controlled the operations, who had and have access to reliable information”

According to General SVR “Putin is overseeing negotiations with the Taliban to recognise the Taliban government. 
“In return, the Russian leadership is offering a major arms and military equipment swap.

“Putin reported that the Taliban possess weapons and equipment including those seized after coming to power in Afghanistan, that are scarce for the Russian Army at the front.

“People initiated into the details of the negotiations say that the Taliban are extremely surprised by such proposals, but they are discussing them in earnest.”

A Pentagon report in April 2022 estimated that the US had left behind $7 billion worth of military equipments in Afghanistan.