Mysterious Killings; Armed Men Kill a Former Soldier and a Civilian in Kandahar

A source in Kandahar reports to Kabul Now that armed men killed a former soldier and a civilian in the Spinboldak district in the southern Kandahar province.

The source identified the former soldier as Mujahid and said that he had gone missing for two days and that his dead body was finally found last night, Friday, December 16.

According to the source, Mujahid and his two brothers were members of the police forces in the previous government.

The source said that Mujahid stayed in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over and started daily-paid workings but his brothers fled the country due to security threats.

After the Taliban returned to power, many cases of mysterious killings of former soldiers have been reported from across Afghanistan. Taliban are usually accused of being involved in these cases. The group, however, denies these accusations.

In another incident, a source in Spinboldek reports that unknown armed people killed a person in this district on Thursday night, December 15. The source could not identify the victim. The source said that the person’s mobile phone and other belongings were stolen and the thieves were probably involved in this reported mysterious killing.

Local Taliban officials in Kandahar have not commented on both incidents as of yet.