Mohammad Akbari Advises Hazaras to be Compliant with Taliban Govt

Mohammad Akbari, the leader of the Hizb-e Herasat Islami (political party), says that he complies with the Taliban government and advises the Hazaras and the Shia community in Afghanistan to comply with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban.

In a video shared on social media, he is seen delivering a speech at a gathering where he says, “I declare clearly that I comply with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. I advise my relatives, friends, members of Hizb-e Herasat Islami (political party), the Hazara and Shia community, and all my countrymates to accept and to be compliant with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

Mohammad Akbari is a former Hazara Shia jihadist commander in Afghanistan. He was the representative of Bamyan province during the fifteenth and sixteenth sessions of Afghanistan’s parliament and a member of the House of Elders from 2017 onward. He is a member of the Shia Ulema Council of Afghanistan as well.

Akbari invites the Hazaras to be compliant with the Taliban government at a time when this ethnic group has no part in the Taliban government. Hazaras have been discriminated against and are facing ‘genocide’ in the country.

The Taliban have been accused of forced migration and killing Hazaras in the country for a long time.

Recently, the Taliban stormed Sewak-e-Shibar village in Nili, the capital center of Daikundi, and attacked a house. The group’s fighters, according to reliable sources, have killed nine civilians, including four children of two Hazara families.

The Taliban Ministry of Interior has described victims of the group’s attack in the central Daykundi province as “rebels”.