Protesters Relaunch ‘#StopHazaraGenocide’ Campaign

Protesters against continued attacks on Hazaras have relaunched the hashtag “#StopHazaraGenocide” campaign 40 days after the attack on Kaaj Academy in West Kabul. The hashtag has been the top trend in Afghanistan and used in more than 348K tweets since Wednesday.

The campaign was re-launched on Wednesday, November 09, to commemorate the 40th day of mourning for nearly 60 students killed in the attack.

Some prominent journalists and well-known singers, who are residing outside of Afghanistan, have also joined the hashtag campaign.

“Stand for justice – stand with #Hazaras. Together we can put an end to this ongoing genocidal violence against the Hazaras,” Dawood Sarkhosh, a popular singer, said in a tweet. He asked for togetherness in order to put an end to what he described as “carnage”.

Calling on his followers, Farhad Darya asked them to join the hashtag campaign in order to stop what he described as a “devastating storm” against the Hazaras.

Late in September, a suicide bombing targeted a classroom of over 700 students at the Kaaj educational center. It killed nearly 60 teenage students, mostly girls, and wounded more than 120 others. The victims are all Hazaras – a predominantly Shiite ethnic group in Afghanistan.

Though the Islamic State-Khurasan Province (ISKP) claimed most of the previous attacks against Hazaras, no group has committed responsibility for this deadly bombing.

The deadly attack drew national and international reactions and triggered protest rallies in more than 100 cities around the world.