CNRSA: Banning Girls’ Education Is a Return to Primitivism

The Council of National Resistance for Salvation of Afghanistan (CNRSA) reacted against the Taliban’s ban on women’s education six days after the ban was imposed. It is a “sign of calamitous backwardness and a return to the primitivism”, the Council said in a statement on Monday.

Referring to Islamic and legal sources, the CNRSA argued that getting an education is the right of all citizens regardless of their gender identity.

Denouncing the Taliban’s decision to ban women from universities, the CNRSA described the ban as “misogynist” and action against education.

This action of the Taliban is “a shame, return to the primitivism, and reviving the culture of burying girls alive,” part of the statement issued on Monday, December 26, read.

Moreover, the Council urged the international community and the United Nations to impose more sanctions against the Taliban leaders. Those countries whose embassies are still operating in Kabul should close their embassies to pressure the Taliban further, the Council asked.

“Pressure should be exerted on the countries supporting the Taliban to avoid funding the group and stop sending financing packages on a weekly basis,” the CNRSA further noted.

The CNRSA also called on university lecturers and male students of universities across Afghanistan to go on an academic strike for bolstering the stance against the Taliban’s inhumane orders which are opposing the religion’s values.

It should be made crystal clear that no movement has the right to ban education for anyone, particularly for the girls of our homeland, the CNRSA stated.

In an official letter sent to state and private universities, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has indefinitely banned higher education for female students. Higher education is “suspended” for female students until further notice, the letter instructed.

The Taliban Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadeem has signed the letter issued on Tuesday, December 20. He had previously described the girls going to schools as a “western culture” that would promote moral crimes.